Hospital Holloware for Convalescing Patients at Home

Hospital Holloware for Convalescing Patients at Home

Hospital Holloware for Convalescing Patients at Home

Hospital Holloware are utilitarian items which are required by any healthcare facility for convalescing patients like bed pans, instrument trays etc. Instrument tray Stainless steel is used for carrying the surgical instruments and sterilizing them. Patients which are bedridden due to bad health and are unable to go to the toilets need some temporary device to dispose the excreta. Hospital Holloware are designed for this purpose only. First of all they require a person a nurse or family member to take care of their needs at all time. These devices are mostly made up of stainless steel because of its non-corrosive and durable nature which is suitable for reparative sterilization.

*Hospital Holloware like bed pans are used for disposing the excreta of patients. Some helpful tips in using bedpans at home. ->

  1. Position the bedpan on the bed near the patient’s hips with the open end facing the foot of the bed.
  2. Help the patient to sit on the middle of bed and not on the edge.
  3. If sitting is impossible, help them roll onto one side. Position the absorbent padding first. Place the bedpan against the buttocks, and move it gently in place as you help roll the patient into position on the bedpan.
  4. With women be sure that the urine stream is going in the bedpan and not on the bed.
  5. Stay in the room nearby. Never leave the bedpan in place for extended periods of time, bedsores and severe skin irritation can result.
  6. Be sure toilet paper or wipes are within reach for cleaning, but you may have to assist with wiping.
  7. If in a sitting position, support the patient as you lift buttocks slightly, just enough to remove the bedpan.
  8. Use a warm wet washcloth, pre-moistened wipes or a Hygie disposable wash glove to clean the buttocks area.
  9. Dry the area thoroughly before putting clothes or gown back on, and be alert for any skin irritation, rashes, or sores.
  10. Emptying and cleaning the bedpan can be another serious challenge

Using bedpans at home is a huge responsibility to the family members. Good designed holloware devices make the process rather simpler and easier. Stainless Steel Hospital Holloware Manufacturer designs the bedpans of appropriate size and structure for assisting the patients and caretakers. GWS one of the largest hospital holloware manufacturer India is suppliying to more than 55 countries globally.

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