Significance of Surgical Disposable Products in Sustaining Excellent Hygienic Safety in Medical Operational Zones

Significance of Surgical Disposable Products in Sustaining Excellent Hygienic Safety in Medical Operational Zones

Significance of Surgical Disposable Products in Sustaining Excellent Hygienic Safety in Medical Operational Zones

In healthcare centres, one of the prime obligations is to maintain maximum hygiene and cleanliness to avoid the chances of various contaminations and hazardous infections. Not only the protection of patients but it is also an equally important duty of the healthcare management to ensure safety for medical practitioners and nursing crew. There are various types of hospital disposables products available for different medical departments. All these disposable products are designed with medical-grade materials and suitable designs to effectively serve the treatment purpose while maintaining ultimate hygiene and safety!

Different categories of hospital disposables

In the range of disposable medical devices and products, there are different types of categories such as Anaesthesia, Urology, Gynaecology, Pediatrics, Nonwoven, PPE items, Oncology, Transfusion, and Gastro-entrology etc. In the range of Anaesthesia disposable medical products, some of the important items are Endotracheal Tube, Nasal Oxygen Cannula, Guedel Airways, Oxygen-Mask etc. Endotracheal Tube can be both plain and cuffed. Endotracheal Tube is often made of Polyvinyl Chloride, PVC and even Silicone. All these products are imperative for providing adequate life support to an anesthetized patient during life-risking surgeries.

In the category of Gastro-Entrology, some of the important surgical disposable products are Salem Sump Tube – Irrigation Tube, Infant Feeding Tube, Ryle’s Tube, Rectal Catheter, Kehr’s T Tube and Levin’s Tube. All these products are meant for individual users to ensure maximum hygiene during medical practices. The Gynaecology - Paediatrics range of disposable items are Endocervical Brush, Karman Cannula, Infant Mucus Extractor, Intra Uterine Insemination (IUI), Umbilical Catheter, Umbilical Cord Clamp etc. These products not only maintain individual hygiene but also limit the chances of contamination.

Among all types of disposables range, the non woven category is certainly the most crucial item that determines safety for both patients and the medical practitioners. Some important products of this range are SMS Surgical Gown, Lab Coat, Shoe Covers, Shoe Cover PE Type, PPE59 – PPE Kit (Personal Protective Equipment Kit), N95 Face Mask​, Patient Isolation Gown, Isolation Coverall, Face Mask 3ply, Face Mask 2ply, Doctors Cap, Coverall Protective Suit, Bouffant Cap, hand gloves etc.

The Urology devices and products include Urine Collecting Bag with Measured Volume Meter, Silicone Foley Balloon Catheter, Nelaton Catheter, Urethral Catheter, Foley Catheter, Male External Catheter Penile Sheath etc. The range of Transfusion Surgical Disposable includes a vast range of important treatment tools and products such as Safety IV Cannula, 3 Way Stop Cock, P.E. Pressure Monitoring Line, 3 Way Stop Cock with Extension Line, Pressure Monitoring Line, IV Cannula with Injection Port with Wings, IV Cannula Fixator – Elastic Adhesive Base, and IV Cannula Fixator.

Safety Factors and Hygiene Standards Associated with Various Medical Disposables and Supplies

Various types of Medical Disposables are important for both patients and medical practitioners. The disposable surgical tools and various treatment items are meant for single-time use with individual purpose. It ensures ultimate safety against cross-contamination and thus healthcare sectors can maintain the sterilization standards of their facility. In various cases, contaminated medical tools prove to be the prime medium of contamination and disease spreading from one infected body to another. Some of the popular and dangerous cases due to the use of contaminated medical tools are the infection of Hepatitis B, HIV, HPV and MRSA.

By using disposable medical devices and products, healthcare centers can conduct each treatment effectively with ultimate safety and hygiene. On the other hand, an important range of disposable PPE items also helps the medical experts and nursing crew to maintain personal hygiene and safety from the exposure to deadly viruses while treating their patients. GWS Surgicals LLP is India's one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of various types of hospital disposable products. Contact us to get the best deal on bulk orders!  

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