About Us

About Us


Welcome to the world of GWS, India's most rapidly growing business, which manufactures and exports hospital/medical/scientific/laboratory equipment, devices, and instruments.

Our comprehensive inventory includes a broad range of critical medical equipment and machinery in categories such as general medical supplies, personal protective equipment (PPE), orthopedic implants, hospital furniture, and ophthalmic instruments, among others. Cutting-edge technical paradigms and cutting-edge technology support our supply chain. Our medical goods are of the highest quality, and our service clearly limits the prices on a scale that is very convenient.

We prioritize orders for mass supply to ensure that they are delivered on time. Our goods come with warranties, and we provide excellent customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We are one of the most dependable and strongest producers and exporters in the industry because of our committed service and dynamic supply compensations.


To provide high-quality standard products ensuring safety and serving mankind with innovative technologies and expertise.


To identify and associate with all possible customers and service providers globally.


All GWS products are designed and manufactured to consistently meet high quality and performance standards.


Each and every customers at GWS is served with the same spirit without any discrimination and is assured of high quality products and service.

Customer review

"It was a pleasure associating with GWS Surgicals for our Hospital Furniture & Holloware requirements, deliveries were on time and they were quick in coordination."

"I completely trust GWS Brand Products as I am using their ophthalmic instruments for surgeries, they never compromise on Quality."

"GWS Surgicals for a decade has been our OEM Supplier for orthopedic implants, there team is very professional & customer-centric."