Micro Ophthalmic Instruments

Microinstruments are an important component used during micro-level eye surgery. Every medical facility should be equipped with the latest ophthalmic surgical instruments. Your medical facility should not be the one lagging behind. GWS Surgicals, or Advanced Micro Instruments, deals in only premium instruments used in micro-ophthalmic surgical instruments to be used by eye surgeons in your medical facility. GWS Surgicals ensures that its equipment and products provide the utmost precision and accuracy to the surgeons and medical staff at your hospital or your health care center. There are a lot of different types of instruments required for micro-ophthalmic surgery, like forceps, needle holders, scissors, hooks, choppers, spatulas, speculums, fixation rings, retractors, blade breakers, BP handles, cannulas, markers, punches, probes, dilators, etc. GWS Surgicals does not deal with equipment that does not meet international standards, like other ophthalmic surgical instrument manufacturers in the country.