A Complete list of Medical Equipment you need for setting up a maternity healthcare facility

A Complete list of Medical Equipment you need for setting up a maternity healthcare facility

A Complete list of Medical Equipment you need for setting up a maternity healthcare facility

A maternity hospital is meant to take care of mother and child during pregnancy till the birth of the child. Before getting to what kind of medical equipment are important for the maternity set-up, it is also important to know all the various departments, a typical maternity set-up consist of. These entire departments comprises of various medical equipment and devices.

  1. Out Patient Department (OPD):  First of the department in any typical maternity set up would be the OPD. In this department all the consultation and regular check-ups take place in the entire time of pregnancy.
  2. Labour Room: It is the room in which a pregnant woman is brought into when she goes into labour naturally or is induced. A woman is taken utmost care in the labour room.
  3. Patient rooms and wards: After the delivery, baby and the mother are need to be shifted to the ward and room.
  4. Operation Theatre (OT):  It is basically the emergency room. If during the operation there is some problem. Patient is immediately shifted to OT.
  5. Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU): Sometimes the child is premature, in this case the child is shifted immediately to NICU for further observation.

Baby Care Equipment take care of all the departments in the maternity set ups. Manufacturing is done for all the departments and wards.

For instance for the labor room some of the prerequisite equipment are Birthing Bed, Delivery Table and labour coat. Birthing bed is comfortable for the women who are in labour as well as assisting personnel.Vaccum Apparatus is another such instrument to remove different type of secretions including liquid and gaseous secretions. OT light is used by the personnel for illuminating an area of the patient. A radiant warmer might be needed for providing heat and tray for keeping baby.

For the OT some helpful apparatus might be ultrasound machine which help the doctor to examine the patient of various health issue. Fetal Diopter is a handheld ultrasound transducer to detect foetal heartbeat. Spotlight will be required for projecting a beam of light on specific part of patient body.

For the operation theater might require a operation table for the comfort of the patient. It is also called surgical table. OT lights are used for illuminating the local area of the patient. Another instrument could be anaesthesia machine and equipment.

For the patient wards we require hospital beds and waiting room for the visitor's.

For the NICU we require neonatal equipment, blood pressure monitor, CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) for sending oxygen to the baby's lungs in his windpipe, endothelial tube, incubator, urinary catheter and at last the radiant warmer.

All these baby care equipment and devices are manufactured by GWS on day to day basis as per the requirement of our clients. All of our devices are tried and tested as we know baby and mother in this stage of life are very sensitive and they deserve the best care in the world.

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