Characteristics of Non Woven Materials and Its Use

Characteristics of Non Woven Materials and Its Use

Characteristics of Non Woven Materials and Its Use

The engineered fabric of non-woven materials is produced from unbroken filaments or cut yarns. The fabric quality makes the material flexible and permeable. This special material is excellent for making. In the medical equipment production line, two or more layers are bonded by chemical, sewing, gluing, heat bonding, or mechanical processes to make textile medical products. The stuff of Non woven is essentially a fabrication of loosened fibers that can be both preferentially oriented or randomly deposited. Here are some of the vital characteristics of Non woven material that make it an excellent substance for making medical disposable products-

  • The paper-like non-woven fabrics often emulate the feeling of woven cloths. They are very comfortable on the skin and cause no irritation after long-day usage.
  • The non woven material is delicate, resilient, durable, and impenetrable. This is why it is the ideal metal for disposable PPE items like 2ply and 3ply face masks, boot covers, medical gowns, etc. 
  • Some material is translucent or opaque. Medical equipment manufacturers choose suitable variants of Non woven material according to the porosity range which can be both extremely high-tensile strength and low tear-and-burst strength.
  • This nonwoven material has good drape-ability and excellent launderability. There are certain variants of non-woven material that can be dry-cleaned.

So without a doubt, non-woven material is the ideal material for manufacturing disposable products, and in the medical industry, these products have significant demand. Non woven products are exclusively designed for single-time use and they offer efficient protection during all medical pursuits to both the doctors as well as the patients. They are very comfortable to wear and can be easily deployed after use. Nonwoven material ensures maximum protection from harmful substances, virus infection, epidemic descends, and other potential contagious risks. Embracing surgical products also helps in maintaining the cleanliness within the medical facilities and ensures maximum protection against contagious factors.

Nonwoven textiles efficiently suffice the need for the desired end uses in healthcare facilities. This material is best for making PPE equipment such as surgical masks and coats. The surgical mask features high-filtration quality as it is made of thick micro-denier fibers. Some other Non woven medical disposables are- Disposable Coveralls, Disposable Isolation Gown, 3ply face masks with melt-blown filter, Shoe covers -PE, Bouffant Cap, Patient Isolation Gown, SMS Surgical Gown, etc. To purchase these disposable products made of medical-grade nonwoven material, it is suggested to go for certified manufacturers and suppliers to enjoy the best quality and effective usability. GWS Surgicals LLP is India's one of the most trusted medical equipment manufacturers and we provide priority supplies of these disposable products at a very convenient price range.

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