Complete List of All Ophthalmic Instruments You Need For Setting Up an Eye Care Center

Complete List of All Ophthalmic Instruments You Need For Setting Up an Eye Care Center

Complete List of All Ophthalmic Instruments You Need For Setting Up an Eye Care Center

If you ever had some eye disorder, you must have visited your eyecare center at least once in your life. You might have noticed all the different types of instruments in the eye care center for various disorder diagnoses and tests. It comprises a wide range of instruments and furniture for the comfort of patients.

Eye Care Equipment- A wide range of instruments.

 From the waiting room to the exam room, an eye care center need well-designed equipment. An examination room at the eye doctor's office consists of an exam chair, eye chart, slit lamp, and a stool for the eye care practitioners.

 A retinal camera is used to photograph the back of the eye, including the retina. It is used to find eye diseases. The camera produces a bright flash when the picture is taken.

The phoropter is used during an eye examination to measure refractive errors and determine eyeglass prescriptions.

An ophthalmoscope is a device in the eye care center for examining the interior structure of the eye, especially the retina. A Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope (BIO) is worn on an eye doctor's head in order to have the use of both hands to examine the eyes.

A Keratometer is used to determine the steepness or flatness of the cornea. It is used for the diagnosis of astigmatism, keratoconus, corneal scarring, and corneal distortion.

Autorefractor is a machine used for measuring a person's refractive error and for the prescription of eyeglasses or contact lenses. The patient takes a seat and places their chin on a rest. One eye at a time, they look into the machine at a picture inside. The picture moves in and out of focus as the machine takes readings to determine when the image is on the retina.

A slit lamp is a microscope with light that allows the doctor to closely examine the eye.

A tonometer is a device that is used for measuring the pressure of the eye. It is used to detect glaucoma.

Lensometer is an instrument used to determine the power of an existing lens. It is also used to determine the prescription of a patient's eyeglasses.

Retinoscope is used for shining the light into the patient's eye to observe refraction off the retina. This light is moved back and forth across the pupil. It is basically used for prescribing glasses to patients who are not able to give oral feedback to the eye doctor.

Along with all these eye care equipment, there consists even a wider range of ophthalmic surgical instruments for successful and easy diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases and disorders.

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