In the present scenario, the whole world is going through unprecedented times due to COVID-19 pandemic. It has become a necessity for every individual to take the required precautions in order to be safe from the risk of getting infected by Corona virus. Covid-19 spread has increased significance for various protective products not only for health care personnel but also for ordinary people covering personal hygiene and home care products like hand sanitizer, face masks etc. 

The demand for COVID-19 protection products is expected to rise further in the coming days due to the growing awareness among consumers in the wake of the pandemic. Companies who are in the business of manufacturing COVID-19 products are of the opinion that the pandemic has made customers more aware of the need to maintain hygiene both at a personal level as well as at home so as to minimize the chances of getting affected. 

In order to be safe, a lot of COVID-19 products are available in the market including PPE kits, face masks, protective suits, isolation gowns, shoe covers, infrared thermometer, sanitizers etc. Brief product details of the COVID-19 products are given as under:

PPE kits-

PPE stands for Personal Protective Equipment. It mainly consists of garments used by healthcare workers and any other person as such in order to protect them from getting infected. There are a number of PPE products suppliers across the country. PPE kits usually consist of a gown, mask and gloves. In case if the infection is blood related or airborne then PPE kits include face protection, face shield,  head cover, gloves, gowns (cover all) and  rubber boots so as to ensure total protection.

If healthcare workers are performing Aerosol-generating procedures on COVID-19 affected patients then in that case WHO recommends the use of Respirator N95 or FFP2 standard, or equivalent, Gown, Gloves, Eye protection along with Apron.

A number of PPE suppliers and PPE manufacturers are not just supplying equipment from a random location, but due to the high demand of PPE kits, some of them have officially become the PPE clothing suppliers or PPE stores for many people.

Face masks-

Due to COVID-19, it has been made mandatory by the Government of India to use face masks for every individual so as to reduce chances of getting infected. 

As per the guidelines issued by FDA(Food and Drug Administration), face masks marketed to the general public for general non-medical purposes are not medical devices. On the other hand, face masks when they are meant for a medical purpose such as source control (including uses related to COVID-19) and surgical masks are referred to as medical devices.

Infrared thermometer-

At present, infrared thermometers are high in demand as they are used to detect the body temperature in case of fever i.e. one of the symptoms of coronavirus. These thermometers examine the human temperature by sensing the infrared energy radiated by their body.

In case of an outbreak of any deadly disease, there arises a need to routinely check temperatures and in such cases, it is not checked using a mercury thermometer and an infrared thermometer is required for the same. For this, corporate offices, retail outlets, airports, malls, etc are using forehead thermometers, also known as an infrared thermometer so as to check the body temperature.

Isolation gowns-

Isolation gowns are widely being used at health care centres. Isolation gown is a non-sterile gown which is used to protect the clothing from coming in contact with a COVID-19 patient and thus helps to keep clothing away from getting contaminated. Isolation gowns can be categorized as - reusable isolation gowns, disposable isolation gowns, surgical and non surgical isolation gowns.

Presently, these gowns are available in the market, offering resistance to blood and other bodily fluids depending on the type of the material and its wear and tear. Some studies demonstrate that the use of isolation gowns is associated with a reduced infection rate of COVID-19. However it is important to note that isolation gowns are mainly intended to stop blood-borne transmission, not an airborne transmission.

Safety has now become an utmost priority due to widespread Coronavirus pandemic. Not only is the healthcare industry becoming cautious, but so is the general public. Washing hands regularly, sanitizing them constantly and in the same way using taking every precautionary measure such as using gloves or face masks has become a part of their routine life. The maximum demand is for the PPE kits that certainly builds up a pressure on the PPE safety equipment suppliers. Various COVID-19 equipment are working hard day and night to provide their customers with the best of the best products in this destructive situation. One such pioneer in the league is GWS Surgicals LLP. If you are looking for an answer to the query “PPE suppliers near me”, GWS Surgicals is your solution. GWS Surgicals LLP is a leading name in providing covid-19 protection products. Here you get all you need to safeguard yourself beginning from PPE kits, face masks, protective gowns, infrared thermometers, so on and so forth. 

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