Disposable Medical Products: Sustain The Sanitary Standards of Your Healthcare Institution

Disposable Medical Products: Sustain The Sanitary Standards of Your Healthcare Institution

Disposable Medical Products: Sustain The Sanitary Standards of Your Healthcare Institution

Apart from the fundamental responsibility of offering required treatment to needful patients, A healthcare Institution is obliged to maintain certain standards of sanitization and security when it comes to cautious medical exercises and ambiance sustenance. Apart from reservation sterilization, medical management must maintain the untouched and pure paradigm of cleanliness during the treatment using medical disposable products. These products are designed for one-time utilization in order to ensure maximum cleanliness, protection, and zero contamination during the therapeutic procedures on each inmate. These products are meant to reduce the discomfort of patients and they are easy to deploy.

Some Important Categories of Medical Disposables Products

Medical Disposable items are high in demand and every healthcare organization keeps an extensive stock of these items to invariably execute the string of supreme hygiene and cleanliness within their medical reservation. The market has a wide range of disposable medical supplies belonging to various categories and some of the most important are-

Anesthesia Disposable Products:

In this category, the most important medical disposable products are Endotracheal Tube Plain, Siliconised Cuffed, Guedel Airways, Nasal Oxygen Cannula, Oxygen-Mask, etc.

Gastroenterology Disposable Products:

Disposable medical supplies belonging to this category are Infant Feeding Tube, Kehr’s T Tube, Levin’s Tube, Rectal Catheter, Ryle’s Tube, Salem Sump Tube & Irrigation Tube, etc.

Gynecology Paediatrics Disposable Products:

This particular category of medical disposable products includes Endocervical Brush, Infant Mucus Extractor, Intra Uterine Insemination (IUI) tool, Karman Cannula, MTP Syringe, Umbilical Catheter, Umbilical Catheter, and many more.

Non-Woven & PPE Disposable Products:

The PPE non-woven medical disposables are Bouffant & Doctors Cap, Isolation Gown, 3ply & 2Ply face masks, Lab Coat, Shoe Cover, gloves, and many more.

Oncology & Transfusion Disposable Products:

The Oncology category includes Colostomy Bag Kit while Transfusion disposable medical supplies are 3 Way Stop Cock, Extension Line, IV Cannula Fixator, IV Cannula Fixator, Elastic Adhesive Base, IV Cannula Injection Port, P.E. Pressure Monitoring Line, IV Cannula, etc.

Urology Disposable Products

This category of medical disposable products includes all types of Silicone Foley Balloon Catheter, Foley Catheter, Male External Catheter Penile Sheath, Nelaton Catheter, and Urethral Catheter, Urine Collecting Bag, etc.

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