Features of Baby Care Equipment Used in Hospitals

Features of Baby Care Equipment Used in Hospitals

Features of Baby Care Equipment Used in Hospitals

For a long time, manufacturers of medical devices have provided varieties of infant care products to assure the safety of infants. These include varieties of therapeutic equipment, like warm transportation incubator, neonatal equipment care, and many more.

Each of the baby equipment is of high quality and undergoes different tests to meet the varying needs of an infant. In this blog post, we have thrown light on the features of some equipment used in maternity setups for the proper infant or baby care.

Neonatal Incubators

Any good baby care equipment  supplies neonatal incubators to maternity centers and hospitals. These are fixtures used in Neonatal Intensive Care Units in combination with different procedures and devices. The fixtures give extra support to the baby by providing a proper growing environment and consistent monitoring of its growth and vital organs. Incubators are useful to monitor the lungs and other organs of a premature baby.

Open Care Warmer

Reputed manufacturers of baby care equipment supplies open care warmer systems to deliver advanced warming abilities and efficient care to babies. These systems feature one-touch operations to make the procedure simple and easy. Besides, an open-care warmer has an advanced microprocessor control option with electronic circuitry, self-check, or manual control.

Infant Radiant Warmers

Infant radiant warmers offered by newborn baby equipment manufacturers refer to varieties of overhead heating units. These consist of a skin-temperature sensor, heat source, servo or automatic control unit, an audible or visual alarm. Radiant warmers provide thermal support to newborns in their delivery suite; to infants undergoing treatment from prolong exposure to the cold environment, and to infants, who need regular nursing intervention.

Transport Incubators

Transport incubators work in almost the same way as you expect from the performance of a simple neonatal incubator used in NICUs. These incubators provide the required warm environment to an infant/neonate for reducing the loss of heat to the external environment.

Transport types of incubators are useful in situations when a baby or neonate has to transfer via road or air between different places to search for an ICU or any other hospital to provide a different type of therapy.

Neonates have a relatively weak immune system and their condition become critical when they become ill. During this time, critical care units have to deal with the challenge of transferring the neonate without exposing it to the environment’s temperature gradient. Here comes the role of a transport incubator, while provides the required temperature i.e. from 32degree Celsius to 39degree Celsius. Other than this, transport incubators have air filters to remove dust particles and airborne elements present in the external environment.

Neonatal Resuscitation Systems

Neonatal resuscitation systems meet the critical care needs of neonatal for newborn babies and the ones dealing with spontaneous breathing issues while needing respiratory support. A complete resuscitation system gives the appropriate FIO2 delivery with inbuilt oxygen or air blender, heated breathing circuit, bubble generator combined with pressure manifold, and an inbuilt type of air compressor.

We know that neonatal and infants need additional care and attention, because of which good manufacturers of infant care devices always provide safe materials and systems for different infants’ needs.

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