How Disposable Medical Products Add Value To The Medical Industry?

How Disposable Medical Products Add Value To The Medical Industry?

How Disposable Medical Products Add Value To The Medical Industry?

What are Disposable Medical Supplies?

Medical supplies consist of devices, medical apparatus, and medicines that are intended for one-time or temporary use only. These supplies have become an important part of hospital supplies, they help reduce staff time and healthcare costs. Bandages, Wraps, Drug tests, Exam Gowns, Face Masks, Gloves, Suction Catheters, Surgical Sponges, Hypodermic needles, and Syringes are a few Medical disposables Products.

In 2016 the global medical market was valued at $48,630 million and by 2023, it is expected to touch $80,000 million marks. These numbers are huge and play a major role in Medical Industry's growth. The main reason for this massive growth is the demand for disposable medical supplies due to awareness of sanitation and cleanliness. Hospitals and Health centers want to avoid contamination and Infections to ensure the safety of Patients. Also, the increased environmental concerns due to the improper disposal of medical equipment have led to the growth of disposable medical. Moreover, the advancements in robotics have led to an increase in robot-assisted surgeries and is expected to create more opportunities as robot-operated surgeries use mostly disposable supplies such as needles, scapula, syringes, and scissors, etc.

What type of Medical Disposables are Used In the Industry?

Disposable Medical can be broadly classified into categories like dialysis consumables, infusion products, diagnostic supplies, radiology consumables, nonwoven medical disposables, and wound care consumables.

Notable Developments in Disposable Medical Supplies Market

Top players in the medical supplies market are

  1. 3M
  2. Molnlycke Health Care AB
  3. Cardinal Health
  4. Sempermed USA Inc.
  5. Medline Industries
  7. McKesson Corporation
  8. NIPRO and Halyard Health
  9. Covidien Ltd.
    Solvay, a global leader in Specialty polymer has come up with a new single-use surgical instrument kit - The redi-Spine kit which is designed keeping in mind the minimally invasive spinal fusion surgery. Also, Cardinal Health acquired Medtronic’s Business of Patient care, Nutritional Insufficiency, and Deep Vein Thrombosis for $6.1 billion dollars.

Regions Where Disposable Medical Supplies are used:

Most countries expect some 3rd tier countries have started using Disposable Medical supplies to reduce the chances of infection and contamination.

● North America
○ the U.S.
○ Canada
○ Mexico
● Europe
○ Germany
○ the UK
○ Spain
○ Italy
○ France
○ Rest of Europe
● Asia Pacific
○ Germany

○ UK
○ Spain
○ Italy
○ France
○ Rest of Europe

○ Brazil
○ South Africa
○ Egypt
○ Rest of LAMEA

Cost Saving with Medical Disposable Supplies

Healthcare Facilities have realized the importance of Disposable technologies. How they play a major role in cost-saving and are environment-friendly and now they have started using more and more Disposable Products. Single-Use medical devices are considered significant cost savers when compared to reusable medical devices. Also, they help to reduce the chances of infections and are less labor-intensive. With patient health care, manufacturers are also focusing on implementing biodegradable materials which will not have any adverse effects on the environment. To take this a step further, some hospital facilities have partnered with recycling firms to reduce medical waste.

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