Importance of Dressing Supply Kit in First-Aid Medical Activities!

Importance of Dressing Supply Kit in First-Aid Medical Activities!

Importance of Dressing Supply Kit in First-Aid Medical Activities!

Unexpected injuries can happen at any time! People and healthcare centres must stay alert with proper first-aid dressing kits to entrap the momentary wounds. There are various types of Dressing Supply Kit are available- surgical dressing, general wound dressing, first aid dressing, central line dressing and many more. Not only healthcare centres but general people also must keep an emergency first-aid medical kit in their reach for aiding the wounded areas due to sudden little accidents. A general kit includes essential aiding items such as-

  1. Dressing Forceps

It is one of the most important instruments of a Surgical Kit. It is generally used during wound dressing. Dressing forceps are utilized to hold dressings like gauze. These tools are useful during wound debridement to extract infected or necrotic tissue or waste from the injury. They may further be used for suturing. There are multiple variants of these forces available. Dressing forceps come in a category beside the standard forceps. Some are tweezer-like with a round tip and some Dressing forceps often come with handles like a scissor.

  • Tray with Gallipot

This is another important item that comes with the dressing kit. It is basically a tray that has a fragmented curved gallipot useful for holding things as well as extracted tissue or other infected materials derived from the cut of wounds. This tray with gallipot is very useful during a wound dressing as it allows the nursing crew to maintain cleanliness while aiding the patient.

  • Cotton Balls

Cotton balls are a very important part of a wound dressing kit. The cotton balls that come with a medical kit for wound dressing are usually untreated and antiseptic wool that is free from contaminated agents like dirt and insects. Cotton balls are very essential for cleaning the wounds. After the sanitation process, cotton balls are also used for prepping injured places before applying bandages or dressings. Cotton balls are further helpful during a sterile method as it helps in applying medicines or ointments to a scar ensuring it remains fresh and free of bacteria.

  • Gauze Swab

Next important item of the kit is Gauze Swab pieces. These medical first-aid supplies are very essential in wound dressing and padding ensuring maximum protection against blood spill, specific infections and much more. It is particularly helpful for adorning wounds where other fabrics might cleave to the injury or incision. Nursing partner usually washes the wound gently with a damp piece of gauze or washcloth. Then, they apply a piece of fresh gauze covering the wound with tape throughout the edges to hold it in position.

  • Absorbent Dressing Pad

Absorbent Dressing Pad is very soft, the superabsorbent pad used during Sterile Absorbent Dressing (ABD) for binding wounds keeping it shielded from moisture. This is one of the most useful items of the kits. These pads further prevent the decay of wounds, which can end up as infections and other complexities pointing to poor health issues. The sealed edges of the pad retain internal moisture under the dressing. Its application creates a waterproof barrier, and the sides also stop linting that further prevent wound contamination. This pad comes with a delicate non-woven external layer that promptly wicks liquid to a cellulose core, which absorbs and separates the fluid sideways to stop pooling. Some high-quality Absorbent Dressing Pad is designed with a hydrophobic rear to prevent strikethrough.

  • Hand Wipe Tissue

Medical dressing kit further comes with another vital aiding item that is Hand Wipe Tissue. These tissues help the nursing partner to maintain maximum hygiene during wound dressing by keeping their hands thoroughly wiped cleaned. These wiping tissues are made of delicate but durable material so that they don't tear easily. Nursing crew and doctors use this tissue to dry their hands. These tissues are soaked in antiseptic solutions for sanitary application.

  • Sterile Sheet- Laminated Tissue Paper

A general Surgical Dressing Kit is also equipped with Laminated Tissue Paper known as Sterile Sheet. The use of this laminated sheet used to present a sterile setting to preserve a patient's wound from getting infected. This tissue paper features durable construction that resists tearing in sensitive circumstances.

Dressing Supply Kit is usually a disposable dressing kit that comes with the aforementioned products. Other important aiding items that an advanced wound dressing kit include are- first-aid manual, adhesive tape, elastic bandage, antibiotic cream, antiseptic wipes, hydrocortisone cream, safety pins, plastic gloves, tweezers, antiseptic solution, disposable instant cold packs, thermometer etc. You can buy a dressing kit online by contacting medical supplies manufacturers and suppliers like GWS Surgicals LLP- India's leading supplier and exporters of the surgical central line dressing kit.

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