Importance of Wearing Cotton Face Mask - 6 Layer To Ensure Maximum Protection In Outdoors

Importance of Wearing Cotton Face Mask - 6 Layer To Ensure Maximum Protection In Outdoors

Importance of Wearing Cotton Face Mask - 6 Layer To Ensure Maximum Protection In Outdoors

It's been several months that the world is dealing with the deadly outbreak of COVID-19. There is no denying the fact that the whole world has actively participated in limiting the virus spread and some countries like New Zealand succeeded in this battle. But it is also apparent that many countries terribly failed in controlling the outspread even after enacting strict emergency protocol of national lockdown. As of the 10th June 2020 update, India has become the 5th most-affected country worldwide and that is why the regular use of a face mask has become very important. Even after a national lockdown of nine weeks (roughly from 24 March 2020 to 8th June 2020), the Corona cases keep rising on a huge scale, and on the contrary, the economy got badly afflicted which has given birth to another dimension of dilemma. The government had to withdraw lockdown to revive the economy and at present, it has become quite obvious that the people have to live with this novel coronavirus for the rest of their life. 

Just like preventing any other flu, people must take sufficient precautions and hygiene care to keep themselves protected from the virus exposure of COVID-19. Since people have started to go outdoors for professional reasons, the use of Cotton Face Mask - 6 Layer has become imperative to ensure primary protection. On the withdrawal of the Lockdown period, there will be a mass gathering of people in public sectors like offices, facilities, roads, transport places, metros, etc. and this type of scenario certainly creates an easy medium for highly contagious viruses like SARS-CoV-2 to spread unavoidably. Since there is no alternative way around it, people now have to become self-dependent and self-sufficient to protect themselves from the virus by embracing basic safety equipment while traveling or roaming outside. 

Among the variety of face marks, a 6-layer face mask is comparatively more economically convenient and ideal for daily wearing. This face mask is built with six layers of the protective sheet including -a breathable layer, an activated carbon layer, plastic cotton, flannel, strengthened flannel, and a non-woven sheet. This compact layering of the protective sheet makes the product highly effective and it provides ultimate protection against the virus as well as harmful elements that float through the invisible air. Unlike a regular Cotton Mask, this exclusive face mask is thicker and comes with a solid edge-side and it has an individual stylish look. It doesn't get ripped, split, or torn easily, rather it is washable and ideal for rough use on a regular basis. Its six-layer protection thoroughly filters the air when a person inhales and the activated carbon layer separates the harmful elements and microscopic viruses by trapping them on its sheet. The additional layers play individual roles in further filtration of air, and finally, the person can make wholesome breath-in.  

GWS Surgicals LLP, one of the largest cotton face mask manufacturers in India, employs high standard medical-grade raw materials to manufacture supreme quality six-layer face covers. The company prefers environmental-friendly materials to produce non-toxic medical and basic protection supplies like face masks. GWS Surgical LLP's exclusive range of 6-layer face masks is skin-friendly and the product comes with a high-quality elastic band to ensure offhand wearing and avoid sudden slip-offs. The products are also very affordable as well as durable. They are perfect for daily traveling, casual outings, roaming, walking, outdoor exercise, official activities, etc. 

Due to the surging demand, the production of Mask India is executed on a huge scale and over the few months, India has become one of the most huge manufacturers and exporters of these basic PPE items. The mask cotton face exporter companies in India not only supply products for general public usage but for the medical interest of prominent healthcare centers as well. The prominent cotton face mask manufacturers such as GWS Surgicals LLP are serving worldwide delivery to suffice the extreme need for PPE products in this worldwide crisis.

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