Overview of Ophthalmic Instruments Used in Eye Surgery

Overview of Ophthalmic Instruments Used in Eye Surgery

Overview of Ophthalmic Instruments Used in Eye Surgery

For a long time, eye surgeons have used varieties of ophthalmic devices to operate on patients' eyes to treat eye disorders. As the success of eye surgery depends on the selection of the right instruments, good manufacturers supply each type of instrument as per the International Standard of the health industry. A few of the ophthalmic instruments include the following- 

Ophthalmic Hydraulic Operation Table 

A large number of reputed healthcare manufacturers or companies supply the ophthalmic hydraulic type of operation table to use in eye hospitals and clinics. These are one of the high qualities of Ophthalmic operation tables, which meet the optimum work environment and make sure of the safety of the patient. 

Refraction Chairs 

Most of the manufacturers and suppliers of eye instruments supply varieties of refraction chairs. These chairs obtain support from CAD or CAM facilities while available in compact sizes to provide the top grade of a pole or main arm and telescopic type sliding drawer. Each of the chair units is durable, corrosion, abrasion-resistant, precisely designed, and reliable. Refraction chairs are also available in two different types. 

The first one is the Xylo refraction chair which gives high technology as well as a contemporary feel and looks like an eye examination room. Simultaneously, the chair gives enough confidence during the exam procedure to enhance the vision of a patient. 

The second one is the Zono refraction chair, which is of smooth rotating type chair and has a properly balanced yet sliding tabletop combined with enough space for two different instruments. Along with this, Zono chairs feature a safety switch activated by touch to prevent any inadvertent chair movement. 

Ophthalmic Knives 

Whether a patient has to undergo cataract surgery, PPK or cornea shaping surgery, LASIK and LASEK surgeries, refractive lens exchange, and many more, the success of any surgery depends on the right ophthalmic knife

Hence, good manufacturers of ophthalmic supplies the top quality and varieties of ophthalmic knives to various eye hospitals in the country. These tools are used to cut the eye tissues, like for instance a trabecular network. 

Common types of ophthalmic knives are crescent blades, lance tip blades, clear corneal blades, and many more. Each of these blades/knives features polycarbonate handles, sharp cutting edges, and user-friendly type of sliding mechanisms. 

Micro Ophthalmic Devices 

Lastly, most eye surgical instrument suppliers offer varieties of ophthalmic surgical instruments to help in the surgery procedures. These are useful to conduct a micro-level of optical surgery successfully. 

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