Steel Tray for Healthcare Applications

Steel Tray for Healthcare Applications

Steel Tray for Healthcare Applications

The trays are among the essential medical equipment being used on a daily basis in the health care sector. These are inevitable at all costs. The different uses for which these are utilized include trays for holding different chemicals components in research laboratories, for transporting surgical instruments during surgical procedures, for holding surgical implant materials in the operation theatre, for collecting specimens from patients, for carrying medicines to the patient’s bedside, for keeping vials and ampoules before starting to administer it, for transporting medical samples obtained from patients to various departments inside the health care setup. The trays available in the market to fulfill these purposes are largely made of the following two materials which are polymer and steel. The polymer-made plastic trays are available in different colors and sizes. These can also be disposable or reusable in nature. 

Stainless steel is a very popular material used for manufacturing various equipment in the pharmaceutical and medical industries. Stainless steel use has various advantages because of which it has become a widely used product in the industries. The stainless one has a long shelf life so that it can be used for years. It is not breakable, unlike plastic trays which have a short shelf life and break easily on the impact force. The stainless one also maintains its shine even after prolonged use contrary to the plastic trays which lose their thickness over time. The color of the plastic trays also fades away over time. The stainless type can resist a relatively high amount of impact without losing its shape or getting any scratches. A tray made up of plastic will lose its shape and break down when countered with the same impact. 


When considering the need for the application, and the risks associated with bacterial infections in a clinical setting, it’s important to provide materials that can adhere to the stringent hygienic standards set forth by healthcare industries. While many associate steel trays with cleanliness due to their prevalence, there are actually a lot of reasons stainless steel is ideally suited. In a nutshell, it’s versatile and durable. Its elemental make-up, high chromium, and low carbon mean it can be molded or cut into just about any shape you desire. Its surface is remarkably hygienic while being corrosion resistant. It’s cost-effective and recyclable. These characteristics make it the best option for environments that must adhere to strict standards in regards to cleanliness, but also value functionality and product longevity.

These trays are ideal for laboratory work. They are durable and hygienic. They are designed for heavy use and are used in medical companies around the world. It is finished with a mirror polish making it easy to clean. All the corners are radiused. The deep design means the material inside is less likely to get out. These containers are made from high quality stainless steel. They are ideal for almost all applications. 


These containers are often used to hold autoclaves through the sterilization process. The high durability and elevated temperature make these trays ideal. They tend to be custom-built for this purpose. They are often used in conjunction with hospital bedside tables to hold patient meals and medicines. The ease of sterilization for trays makes them easy to reuse over and over for patients. Further, their cost-efficiency makes them an excellent choice. For some patients, having a tray they can grab from their hospital bed table is simply more convenient. It improves convenience for the patient as well. They are also used to hold instruments during procedures. The fact that stainless steel is so easy to clean and can resist oxidation from exposure to blood makes it ideal for holding sterile tools. Further, because of their properties, these are easier to clean to maintain strict hygiene standards set forth by hospital standards. These trays can be used to hold medical samples for study, and to sterilize them after they’ve been used. Again, because of the ease of cleaning, the oxidation and temperature resistance, and the durability, are incredibly versatile.

The users of these trays have minimal chances of getting any kind of cross infection as a part of contamination due to the feature of not having micro-cracks over it. There are fabricated trays available which help in keeping all the different samples in one tray without any of them getting mixed with each other. 


The widespread use of these trays in the healthcare setup is not only because it is easy to handle but also because it is the only sustainable solution available in the world at present. The natural resources in the making of these trays are always recycled into one form or the other. The people using these trays are also benefited because of the reduced risk of disease transmission when used in health care setup while following normal protocols.

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