What are the Different Types of Essential Medical Supplies?

What are the Different Types of Essential Medical Supplies?

What are the Different Types of Essential Medical Supplies?

Apart from technical machines, surgical instruments, hospital furniture and medical devices, a professional healthcare centre also require sufficient availability of essential medical supplies. A leading medical device manufacturer also produces these important medical supplies on a huge priority scale to keep the medical standards high and efficient. These medical supplies essentially include the sanitary equipment and handling devices such as-

  • Medical Disposables: 

Medical disposable products are very important medical supplies and every healthcare facility requires a comprehensive availability of huge stock to keep their medical activities invariably streaming. These disposable products are usually meant for one-time use and they can easily be deployed. The use of these products is intended to ensure maximum safety and hygiene in order to restrict any potential risks such as the spread of infection and to maintain hygiene interests. 

These products are usually non-woven PPE products, nasal oxygen cannula & masks, endotracheal tube, Guedel Airways, Infant feeding tubes, Kehr's T Tube, Levin's Tube, Rectal Catheter, Ryle's Tube, Salem Sump Tube or Irrigation Tube, Endocervical Brush, Infant Mucus Extractor, IUI Insemination Devices, Karman Cannula, MTP Syringe, Umbilical Catheter and Clod Clamp, Colostomy items and bags, Oncology tools, etc. The hospital equipment suppliers also produce disposable Transusfion tools such as 3ways stop cock, extension line, IV Cannula Fixatator, Cannula Injection Port and wings, P.E. Pressure monitoring line, etc. Urology medical devices are also important medical disposable products and some important items are Foley Balloon Catheter, Male External Catheter Penile Sheath, Nelaton Catheter, Urethral Catheter and Urine Collecting Bag with Measured Volume Meter.

  • Medical Rubber Goods:

Medical Supplies Company also features rubber goods and in this medical supplies range, a bedpan made of high-quality rubber material is an imperative device that is utilised for comfortable toileting purposes for a bedridden patient's convenience. Another product is Corrugated Drainage Sheet and it is used for multichannel wound drainage. Inflatable Rubber Invalid Air Cushions is another essential variety of medical rubber goods and it offers seating support and comfort to patients for a certain period of time. Next item is a sphygmomanometer bulb which is significantly used in measuring patients' blood pressure. Lastly, we have a Stomach Pump Tube and this rubber good is used during the procedure of Gastric suction.

  • Medical Waste Management Products: 

Prosperous medical facilities or healthcare centres always focus on the maintenance of cleanliness and hygiene. The modern medical supply company builds exceptional medical waste segregation systems, brilliant for bio-medical waste management. It categorises the produced wastes at the medical facilities into various sections of trash. It also reduces the risks of infections or chemical backlashes and also saves the expense of waste handling costs and waste disposal charges. 

  • Hospital Hollowware: 

Hospital Hollowware certainly the most important medical supplies and every medical center must have a sufficient stock of these items. These are the medical utensils and they have an extreme ultradian purpose in various treatment procedures be it surgical or non-surgical. The prominent medical supply distributors always prefer durable, corrosion-resistance and high-quality stainless steel material to ensure long-lasting usability. Some of the important stainless steel hollowware items are- Slipper Type Bedpan Male with Cover, Sterilization Tray with Silicone Mat, Dressing Jars with Cover, Kidney Tray, and Perforated Sterilization Tray with or without Silicone Mat etc. 

Medical hollowwares are also available in polymer material and some of the important items are- Bed Pan Adult, Bed Pan for Perfection Type ‘A’ and Type 'B', Breast Pump, Douche Can Set, Electric Steam Vaporiser Eco, Electric Steam Vaporiser Jumbo, Electric Steam Vaporiser Primo, Female/Male Urine Pot, Plastic Gallipot, Plastic Sputum Mug, etc. 

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