What is the Purpose of Disposable Infant Feeding Tube in Gastroenterology?

What is the Purpose of Disposable Infant Feeding Tube in Gastroenterology?

What is the Purpose of Disposable Infant Feeding Tube in Gastroenterology?

An infant feeding tube in gastroenterology is useful to provide nutrition to newborn babies and infants, who are unable to eat on their own. In most cases, these types of disposable are useful in clinics and hospitals.

However, depending on the severity of a patient, pediatricians and gastroenterologists recommend patients to use it at home for feeding infants. The tube is useful for providing formula and break milk both. The tube is also useful to give essential medicines to infants.

Purpose of an Infant Feeding Tube

Reputed companies manufacture infant feeding tubes and other similar disposable products for hospitals to deal with gastroenterology problems of infants. Accordingly, an infant feeding tube is useful for all infants, who lack enough muscular coordination or strength to drink milk or breastfeed from bottles.

However, there are a few of the additional reasons, for which gastroenterologists recommend for the use of a gastrostomy tube and other similar medical disposables. These include the following-

  • Infants have irregular patterns related to weight gain or lack of weight gain
  • Weak sucking ability or absence of sucking ability and swallowing reflex
  • Gastrointestinal defects and abdominal defects
  • Respiratory distress
  • Problems related to electrolyte imbalances

Procedure Involved in the Placement of Feeding Tubes

Gastroenterologists adopt three different procedures to insert an infant feeding or G-tube. However, in some cases, doctors choose a combination of the methods by using these types of medical devices.

  1. PEG Procedure

PEG is the abbreviated form of Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastronomy. This indicates the procedure done from the skin. Accordingly, a surgeon places an endoscope from the mouth and in the stomach for guiding G-tube in its place. Here, the endoscope is a thin and flexible tube by using a small camera equipped with light at its tip.

  • Laparoscopic Technique

In the laparoscopic technique, doctors make two small cuts or incisions in the abdomen of a baby. In one cut, the surgeon inserts the feeding tube and in the other one, he/she inserts a laparoscope i.e. a small telescope. The laparoscope lets the surgeon view the stomach and other organs to guide the tube in its right place.

  • Open Surgery

Open surgery procedure involves large incisions. Surgeons opt for this method by using G-tube disposable medical equipment to guide the tube in the right place when other methods are inapplicable. For instance, a baby has scar tissue because of its past surgery or the baby has to undergo multiple surgeries simultaneously.

Contribution of Medical Manufacturers to Supply Infant Feeding Tubes

Based on the aforementioned points, it is clear that infant feeding tubes are essential to save lives and assure the good health of newborn babies and infants. Hence, along with gastroenterologists, reputed medical manufacturers always aim to supply the top quality of infant feeding tubes and medical disposable products to make sure of avoiding any type of compromise in the treatment of infants. Only, doctors have to select the right G-tube based on underlying conditions, prerequisites, and preferred treatment of their patients.

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