Medical Disposables

As the medical industry is expanding day by day, it has led to an increase in disposable medical devices. As part of our health care industry, we must provide the best products and services to patients, so we would be glad to be a part of these proceedings: India’s largest surgical & medical disposable products manufacturers and wholesale suppliers’ company. Over the years, Mars has developed a reputation for providing quality medical disposable products to the healthcare industry.
We have a wide range of premium quality medical disposable products for Gastro-Entrology, Urology, Transfusion, Oncology, Anaesthesia, and Gynaecology-Paediatrics the non-woven medical disposables, which include face masks, surgical caps, surgical gowns, isolation gowns, etc. Our wide range of disposable medical supplies and all other things required in excellent health care will assuredly make up to your requirements. We believe that there should be no compromise made during the patient’s treatment, so we do care for the products we provide. You can go through our entire range of medical disposables and choose products as per your prerequisite.