Hospital Linen

Hospital Linen

Hospital Linen

In the present times, the prevention of infection has become the topmost priority of every individual. Especially in the post-Covid-19 period, safety precautions in healthcare are one of the crucial steps in disease management. However, providing the best healthcare services and at the same time maintaining the safety of patients as well as the hospital staff can be a challenging task to fulfill.


A well-organized collection of Hospital linen is vital for the smooth functioning and delivery of healthcare Services. Possessing the precise set of hospital clothing is essential and GWS surgical is the right destination for you and your patients. Be it patient gowns, surgical towels, or doctor apparel, to name a few, GWS offers superior fabric in all categories of medical linen. At GWS you get the best quality of both the categories of medical linen that is of general use as well as patient use.


When you provide the best healthcare services, the clothing at the hospital plays a very important role as it is about comfort and ease of use. Your comfortable clothing will add to the excellence in treatment as well as the reassurance that the patient will witness at the hospital. It will prove to be a long-lasting experience for them.


GWS Surgicals offers fabrics that are designed with the finest materials and by the medical industry criteria and guidelines. Our medical linen range has the perfect finish, maximum comfort, and subtle look and is easy to clean. Moreover, these are soft, easy to dry, have good tensile strength, are non-irritant, and above all have an excellent visual appearance.


The hospital clothing range at GWS surgical includes Bed Sheets, wrappers, Surgical Gowns, Drapes, and Surgical Towels. The advanced technology Infrastructure at GWS surgical is improvised at regular intervals to deliver the best quality hospital fabric. 


We at GWS offer hospital clothing material that minimizes the maintenance burden and at the same time does not compromise the quality and medical standards. The reusable medical clothing at GWS surgical is accurate to serve its specific purpose for you as well as your patients. The surgical apparels are fluid and impenetrable and are better than its disposable analog in terms of quality, cost, and comfort.


Surgical Towels


These are used to clean the instruments following sterilization. GWS hospital towels function as a sterile method of fluid and blood absorption as and when required. These can be used to cover and wrap the sterilized instruments. These are also used to autoclave the instrument. Apart from the above-mentioned purposes, these towels are utilized to drape patients during surgical procedures.


To add to uses, these provide a germ-free surface to cover the sterilized instruments. Furthermore, these can also serve to hold back the organs at the surgery site. Hospital towels at GWS are available in different sizes, with a comparable size chart available on our website.


Surgical Gowns


Sterilization is an inevitable component of every surgical procedure. The GWS surgical gowns act as protective barriers for patients and doctors from biological hazards. The surgeon can easily focus on the procedure without having to worry about their skin and hair. The GWS surgical gown is made to properly cover the chest, has full sleeves and cuffs, and extends to the knees.


Surgical Drapes


To minimize the chance of surgical site infection, surgical drapes are used to cover the site of the body that is not to be operated on. These also maintain the sterility of the equipment and the patient's surroundings.


Surgical Wraps


The instruments after sterilization should be kept clean and safe until their use. Surgical wraps serve this function to keep the surgical tools safe for their use while they are transported to the hospital and clinics. Thus these provide ease of transport and also assure safety.


Good Quality Medical Linen


The stays in the hospital can be a bad memory for the patient if the fabric offered is not comfortable enough and irritating. An item of low-quality clothing cannot do justice to the excellent treatment that you provide to the patient. The patient clothing at GWS is a comfort and quality to remember.


Visit our website and place an order to experience the best quality hospital linen.

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